Availability and Rush Orders
  • My commission slots are filled on a first come, first serve basis, except for the cases of rush orders.
  • My reserved commissions usually have me booked up for 1 month, sometimes more. Once you have reserved a slot, I will place you at the end of my existing reserved commissions.
  • If you have a hard deadline, please let me know so that I can make sure that I meet it! For hard deadlines that [upon your first reservation payment] are shorter than 1 month (if you are within the USA) or shorter than 2 months (if you are international, due to shipping times) I will need to rush order your plushie to finish it before your deadline.
  • Rush ordering adds an additional 25% of the base plushie price to it's final price (for example: a $200 plushie would be a $50 rush order for a total of $250).
  • Rush ordering guarantees your commission being bumped to the front of my commission list so that I can start work on it immediately. I will not accept more than one rush order at a time, so rush orders may not always be available.

Terms of Service and Payment Plans
By reserving a commission, you are agreeing to the terms below:
  • Payment will be made via Paypal in US Dollars unless stated otherwise.
  • Your commission is not added to my active commission list until I have received your first/reservation payment.
  • Reservation Payments are made to reserve your commission, order materials, and cover initial work. A reservation payment can be anywhere from $50 to half payment for normal orders (if not half payment, I may request more to bring you to half by the time I can start on your plushie), or half payment to full payment for rush orders.
  • When I have completed your plushie and am ready to mail it out, I will request the final payment plus shipping costs.
  • I will not mail out your plushie until I have received the final payment, regardless of your deadline. I know life happens, and I have no problem holding onto your plushie until you are ready to pay, but will not not refund any of the payment you have already sent, in the case you are not able to pay the final amount or are no longer interested in receiving your plushie.
  • If I try to contact you regarding payment and you do not respond for one month (30 days), I may assume you are no longer interested, so please respond even if you cannot pay right away but still intend to.
  • Payments are non-refundable, except under the circumstances that I am no longer able to complete your plushie or meet your deadline, in which case I will refund your payments.
  • Cancellations: If I have already started construction on your plushie, or started working on the pattern for your new plushie design, I will not be able to refund any payment as I have already put time and work into it. If I have not started construction or pattern work, then I can refund part of the payment that did not go into purchasing materials. Please inform me that you are cancelling the order, and I will not require you to pay the remaining amount, and I will have the right to do what I see fit with your plushie or materials from that point on.

Prices and Sizes
  • Prices and sizing for existing plushie designs are stated on their pages in US dollars and in inches.
  • Average pricing for a custom plushie is around $200-350. Very simple and smaller designs can be as little as $100, and larger and/or more complicated and detailed designs can be $500+.
  • Average size (measuring the longest part of the plushie) for my plushies falls between 8 inches (20cm) and 24 inches (60cm), as this is what I consider the most comfortable size to work at.
  • For more details on pricing guidelines, please use this guide
  • I will not make plushies that are very large, unless you are willing to spend in the quadruple digits for them, and shipping on top of that which may be $100+. Generally I will not go larger than 24 inches (60cm), except for cases like large wingspans or long tails or dolls with very long legs where they are just very long plushies and can be compressed.
  • Designing a pattern takes the same amount of time and work regardless of size (and only the amount of material changes).
  • If you have an ideal size or budget, just let me know and I will let you know if this is possible and what I think would work best for your needs.
  • Shipping is not included in the listed plushie prices, and is generally $15-20 within the US, or $50+ for international. I include insurance with all of my packages.

Requesting a Quote
  • If you would like me to create a plushie for you, but you aren't sure about the size or cost, feel free to ask me for a quote at any time and I will provide one for free.
  • If you want your plushie to be no bigger than, or no smaller than a certain size, please state your size request and I can give you a price estimate.
  • If you want to stay under a certain price, please ask for a size estimate to know what I think is possible for your budget.
  • If you have no preference on size or cost, I will tell you what I think will work best. :)
  • If you don't have a suitable reference image and need me to sketch your idea before you decide if you would like to make your commission official, I can do so at a non-refundable price of $10-20, depending on the request and description.
  • Requesting a quote or paying for a sketch is not making your commission official. Do not ask me how your commission is coming along if I gave you a quote or a sketch but you have not sent a first payment for your actual commission (as I need this payment to put you in my calendar and order materials).
  • If you get a quote from me but do not send a payment to make your commission official, and it has been more than 6 months since I gave you the quote, you will need to request a new quote, as prices may be subject to change. Feel free to tell me the original quote in your new request. Generally my prices should not change drastically.

Designing Your Own Plushie, and Design Changes
  • As an artist for custom plushies, I am very open to suggestions on how you would like the plushie to look. So please tell me with pictures or words if you have a specific look or style in mind for the whole plushie or certain details of the design, when estimating a quote and prior to creating a pattern, as different designs may take drastically more work or materials to achieve.
  • If you aren't picky about the design, I may give some suggestions for one or two different designs that I think would look good, and you can let me know if that sounds good, which you prefer, or if you have any other ideas to add.
  • If I have already ordered materials and begun pattern or [especially] final construction work and you decide that you do not like something about the design, I may request to add an additional fee to the completed design, and will give you a quote so you can decide if the change is necessary. Typically, a request for a design change will cost more the further along I am with the plushie, as it may require as much as remaking the entire plushie from the start. While I am happy to make changes so that you are satisfied with the final design, changes can often result in a lot of wasted time and materials if I do not add extra compensation, thanks for understanding!
  • If you decide you do not like the design but cannot afford the design changes, I am happy to put your project on hold to give you more time to save up money, so please let me know if this is the case. If you decide you just don't want the commission anymore, I will not refund previous payments, but you can request to cancel the order and not be obligated to pay the remaining amount. Once you have cancelled an order, you forfeit all rights to the plushie. You can still request to have another one made in the future, but any prior payments on the cancelled plushie will not be put towards the new plushie.
  • In the case of rush orders, part of the extra rush order fee ensures that I can do my very best to still meet your deadline, even with design changes. In the case that it is not possible to change the design and still finish it for your deadline, and will not refund the rush order fee as I did put it ahead of all my other projects (and typically add extra hours to my work day so that I can complete it on time), but I will be sure to inform you ahead of time if it will not meet the deadline.

  • Please note that my plushies are each a unique work of fanart, and are not licensed as official merchandise. They are not knockoffs of official merchandise, or knockoffs of custom plushies made by other independent artists. Making knockoffs is illegal and rude to everyone, and large companies have factories and methods that they can make and sell their plushies for a lot less money than I ever could as a single artist anyway.
  • When making fanart in small quanities or as one-time projects, all companies I have contacted have loved the unique appreciation to their characters and free advertisement I provide for them.
  • Some companies, like Disney, do not like anyone making a profit off of their characters even as one-of-a-kind fanart derivatives. I respect their wishes and do not create fanart of their characters.
  • Some of my plushies look very similar to official merchandise, because I made them before the official plushies existed. In these cases, I have kept some of them on my site for examples of craftsmanship, but have stated that I will not make or sell them anymore. If their availability says "Sold" or "Not for Sale", I will not make another one of them.

Original Characters
  • Some plushies I make are Original Characters (characters created specifically by the client).
  • Original Characters can be very personal and special to the owner, and I may be more picky about accepting these commissions if I feel I will not be able to do them justice.
  • I require reference images for original characters, and will base their appearance on your provided reference image(s) (unless you have specifically stated discrepancies in writing ahead of time).
  • Original Characters are one-of-a-kind never-again-made plushies, unless given specific permission by the owner.

Plushie Care
  • My plushies are made from very high quality materials, and for the most part created as as soft, huggable works of sculptural art, best suited for display or light cuddling and play. Their complex patterns often require hand sewing for detail pieces, and sometimes include plastic bead filling for a fun floppy affect or for weight, or wire armatures or hand sculpted plastic pieces for a more lifelike and realistic appearance optimal for display.
  • While I am very thorough in making sure my plushies are soft, safe and durable for cuddling and light play, they are definitely not inteded for heavy play, or safety approved as toys for young children or pets.
  • If you would like your plushie to be more of a floppy and cuddly design than a sculptural display piece, please let me know and I will tell you if I can simplify the design to be less sculptural and more cuddle friendly.
  • To clean your plushie, they should be spot cleaned with a cold, wet washcloth or a soft toothbrush. They are not to be submerged in water or exposed to high heat to dry, as submersion may make drying difficult and damage the stuffing, and heat may damage the fabric.
Other Questions
Feel free to email me at jenny@fiendle.com if you have any other questions, or are interested in a commission. :)