"Simple Complexity"
6 inches (20cm) - 24 inches (60cm)

"Medium Complexity"
8 inches (20cm) - 24 inches (60cm)

"High Complexity"
10 inches (20cm) - 24 inches (60cm)+

"Very High Complexity"
10 inches (20cm) - 24 inches (60cm)+


Guidelines for Size

Size describes the longest measurement of the plush when laying flat (examples: head-to-foot, nose-to-tail, wingspan). Please note that round and full plushies are more expensive than long and skinny plushies, as they usually require more materials, and are also heavier and require a larger box to ship them.

If you do not give me a specific size, I will choose what I think will look best when completed, and the optimal size for constructing them so that their details are managable.

High and very high complexity plushies are too difficult to make at smaller sizes, so they usually need to be at least 12 inches if they are short and stout, or 24 inches or bigger if they are long and skinny.

If your plushie is simple complexity, you may be able to request a small size for a lower price, or a large size for a higher price, as a simple complexity pattern is easier to create and more of the cost will be going into how much materials I am using.

Remember, these are only guidelines, and overall shape will factor a lot into how big I can make something for your budget. So if you want a certain size, please ask for a price quote when requesting a commission. Or if you want a certain price, please ask for a size quote to know what I think is possible for your budget. Unless you think it is a simple or medium complexity request, please do not ask for anything smaller than 8-10 inches.

Guidelines for Determining Complexity
The more colors a plushie has, the more complex it will be to make. My options for fabric/materials are limited to solid colors, so characters with stripes, spots, or subtle gradients will be more time consuming to make as I must sew them by hand, or design and order custom printed fabric.

The more tiny details a plushie has, the more complex they will be, as tiny details can be difficult or time consuming to sew, and are usually attached by careful hand sewing.

The more sculptural a plushie is (with wire armatures, sculpted plastic pieces or hand painted details) so that they can hold their shape better on their own for display, or so they look more realistic, the more complex they will be as non-sewing elements can take a lot of extra time and materials. By default, I like to make plushies sculptural so that they look best for display or as cosplay accessories. If you wish for a less expensive and less sculptural design that will be floppy, less detailed and better for cuddling, please let me know when requesting a commission/quote.

If you want me to create a "simplified" version of your character request so that it is less complex and less expensive, please provide a "simplified" image reference I can use to know what you are expecting. Or you can commission me to create a simplified sketch of your idea for $10-20, based on your description(s), to find the design you are after. If I have provided a sketch and you decide afterwards that you do not want the plushie for any reason, the $10-20 payment for the sketch(es) I worked on and provided is non-refundable.

Most Human plushies will be high or very high complexity, due to the added complexity of outfits/clothing.

Most Original Character plushies will be high or very high complexity, because they are often extremely unique and require extra attention to make sure they are exactly to the client's vision. They are also one of a kind plushies, and I will never use their patern to make another for someone else.

If you get a quote from me but do not send a payment to make your commission official, and it has been more than 6 months since I gave you the quote, you will need to request a new quote, as prices may be subject to change as my cost of living goes up and as I improve as an artist. Generally my prices should not change drastically.

To request a commission, or get a quote, please email me at jenny@fiendle.com