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Size: 9" tall (including stem and leaf)
Materials: Minky, polymer clay eyes.
Price: $200
Availability: Made to Order
Plushie Details:
Leafmon is an adorable digimon resembling both a sprouting seed and a baby bunny. He's a newborn, and is unable to truly fight, but is capable of producing a sense of innocence and vitality which can calm and pure the thoughts of others.

He is made entirely from minky for a very soft and high quality look. His leaf has fusable interfacing and top-stitched veins to both look more realistic and better hold the leaf shape, and his eyes are sculpted from polymer clay and finished with a shiny clear coat to appear more realistic and lively. His stem has a wire armature (meticulously wrapped in yarn and then sleeved by fleece underneath the top layer of minky) so that it stands tall and sturdy.