Sabretusk Bristle
(League of Legends)

Sabretusk Bristle (League of Legends) 1/10
Sabretusk Bristle (League of Legends) 2/10
Sabretusk Bristle (League of Legends) 3/10
Sabretusk Bristle (League of Legends) 4/10
Sabretusk Bristle (League of Legends) 5/10
Sabretusk Bristle (League of Legends) 6/10
Sabretusk Bristle (League of Legends) 7/10
Sabretusk Bristle (League of Legends) 8/10
Sabretusk Bristle (League of Legends) 9/10
Sabretusk Bristle (League of Legends) 10/10
Size: ~16" long body (snout to butt); ~25" long including tusk and tail length.
Materials: Minky, spandex, faux fur, pleather, felt, synthetic suede, fabric/acrylic paint, clay sculpted eyes
Price: $300 ($225 for Bristle + $75 for harness + saddle accessory)
Availability: Made to Order
Plushie Details:
A plushie of Bristle, Sejuani's faithful and fearsome boar from League of Legends, in his wild "Sabretusk" variation.

Don't be fooled by his cute appearance, this wild boar is one big plushie, measuring just over two feet including his tusks and tail, or 16" just measuring his nose to rear end. The plushie is made from minky for a soft, cuddly touch and bubbly look. Filled with high quality stuffing, and a light wire and fleece armature inside his tail for your choice of shape. His eyes are hand sculpted from polymer clay, painted gold, and sealed with a polycrylic topcoat for shine and protection. The tribal warpaint around his eyes is white fabric paint, brushed thickly over the minky fur. His claws are made from felt for a soft and huggable quality, and his mane is made from long faux fur for a wild and realistic look. His tusk armor is made from silver pleather.

His harness accessory (straps, saddle, thigh armor and skirt), is by default made with velcro to be easily removed. The saddle is made from synthetic suede with quilt batting, so it is both soft and has some thickness. The thigh armor is pleather painted with acrylics, and the skirt is synthetic suede, cut roughly at the ends for a rugged look, and sealed with fraycheck to prevent further fraying. The harness straps themselves are pleather with a sueded backing, looped around metal rings and sewn into the saddle and thigh armor. If you are interested in only Bristle without the harness accessory, just let me know your preference!