Koi Nami
(League of Legends)

Koi Nami (League of Legends) 1/8
Koi Nami (League of Legends) 2/8
Koi Nami (League of Legends) 3/8
Koi Nami (League of Legends) 4/8
Koi Nami (League of Legends) 5/8
Koi Nami (League of Legends) 6/8
Koi Nami (League of Legends) 7/8
Koi Nami (League of Legends) 8/8
Size: ~11" tall
Materials: Minky, wire, magnets clay eyes (hand sculpted and painted)
Price: $400 (+$50 to include weapon)
Availability: Made to Order
Plushie Details:
A plushie of Nami in her Asian inspired koi fish skin, from the popular online game League of Legends.

The plushie is made entirely from minky for a soft, cuddly touch and bubbly look. Filled with high quality stuffing, and some plastic pellets in her base to help with balance. The fins on the back of her head have interfacing in them to help hold their flat shape, and are topstitched to create the realistic and detailed look of fish fins. Her "forehead "whiskers" have a light wire armature in them (safely encased in fleece for softness), so that they can be posed to perfection, and to give her a more animated and weightless appearance. Her eyes and mouth are hand sculpted from plastic, and custom painted and finished with a clear gloss for realism. All of her green armor is lightly stuffed and meticulously topstitched to create the many intricate swirlling patterns, and then carefully hand sewn permanently in place onto her body.

Her weapon is also entirely sewn from minky for softness and to match her minky armor, with beaded details, and encased magnets which can attach to the magnets in her hands so that holding the staff is optional.