Snow Day Ziggs
(League of Legends)

Snow Day Ziggs (League of Legends) 1/10
Snow Day Ziggs (League of Legends) 2/10
Snow Day Ziggs (League of Legends) 3/10
Snow Day Ziggs (League of Legends) 4/10
Snow Day Ziggs (League of Legends) 5/10
Snow Day Ziggs (League of Legends) 6/10
Snow Day Ziggs (League of Legends) 7/10
Snow Day Ziggs (League of Legends) 8/10
Snow Day Ziggs (League of Legends) 9/10
Snow Day Ziggs (League of Legends) 10/10
Size: ~16" tall (standing)
Materials: Minky, faux fur, satin, bead eyes, custom sculpted plastic nose and teeth, custom crafted plexiglass and foam goggles, neodymium magnets
Price: $400 (Snowman head and purple bag sold separately.)
Availability: Made to Order
Plushie Details:
A plushie of Ziggs, the explosive loving yordle, in his limited Snowdown 2012 skin "Snowday Ziggs". The back accessory (grumpy snowman bomb and purple bag) is an optional accessory, not included with this plushie by default. More pictures and information on that accessory can be found here.

This plushie is made from minky for a soft, cuddly touch and bubbly look. Coat is made from thick blue satin, with details made from pleather and fluffy minky. The beard is made from high quality faux fur. The bomber hat is made to be optionally removable, and is fully lined on the inside and constructed to the quality of a full size bomber hat. His goggles are heat-shaped from clear 2.5mm plexiglass, painted golden-orange on the underside, and the rim detail is made from foam painted metallic silver, attached with epoxy glue. The goggles have magnets on the backside, which can attach to magnets sewn into the bomber hat, so they are optional accessories. His belt buckle is sculpted from worbla and painted with gold paint. The eyes are plastic black beads, stitched and cinched in place. The nose is hand sculpted from polymer clay and sealed with a glossy polycrylic. The mouth was a particularly meticulous process (hand sculpted from worbla (a moldable thermoplastic), filled with Bondo Spot Filler and sanded smooth, painted with acrylics, and finished with several layers of glossy polycrylic for clear protection and shine). The plushie is filled with high quality stuffing, plus several magnets sewn into the body. When including the back accessory, there is a magnet sewn into the back to help hold the bag in place. Plushie comes with two smaller minky snowballs, which can be optionally attached to Zigg's hands via magnets sewn into the fabric.

Note: This plushie was designed to have floppy legs, thus cannot stand on his own and is meant to sit for display.