(Original Character)

Duet (Original Character) 1/2
Duet (Original Character) 2/2
Size: 8" tall, shell width 5.5"
Materials: Minky, suede, plastic, pleather, metal bells.
Price: $450 (staff sold separately)
Availability: Sold; One-of-a-Kind.
Plushie Details:

Duet is made almost entirely from minky, for maximum softness and uniformity. Her design includes metal bells, beads, and hand-sculpted and hand-painted plastic details, which are stand out against the softness of the rest of her design. This plushie was incredibly tedious and time consuming, as all of the clothing was tailored as separate garment pieces to go on top of a nude base body, so that her curvy body and clothing shapes would be as accurate as possible. In addition, all of the stripes and spots started out as solid fabric which had to be sewn by hand to create her unique striped and spotted patterns. Overall, I am very pleased how she turned out!

More images coming soon!