Seamus The Fogrunner
(Walk of the Red Wolf)

Seamus (Walk of the Red Wolf) 1/10
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Seamus (Walk of the Red Wolf) 10/10
Size: ~23" tall
Materials: Minky. faux fur, clay, paint, vinyl, leather
Price: $400
Availability: Sold. One-of-a-Kind
Plushie Details:
Seamus is the main character of the upcoming book series Walk of the Red Wolf. He can appear in human form, feral form (where he looks like a European wolf), or as depicted in this plushie, a blend of the two called "fogrunner". His build is thin and he is rather reserved and soft spoken, and occasionally paranoid due to a hard past. He's not sure about a lot of things in life or how to be a fogrunner, but he does his best to protect his younger sister, and she does her best to bring out his fun side.

The plushie is made from minky and long faux fur for a soft touch and realistic appearance. His regularly bright orange back fur has been subdued with a more varied and natural looking fur, to further the realism. Filled with high quality stuffing, and wire armatures in his hands, arms and legs for posing (although due to his top heavy nature, he needs to lean against something to stay balanced). His eyes and nose are hand sculpted from polymer clay, his eyes are hand painted for a realistic, detailed quality, and both are finished with a top layer of clear acrylic for protection and a shiny, realistic look. His claws are made from vinyl and hand sewn to each individual toe and finger. His lips and eyelids are made from leather for a shiny but soft look.