Mimikyu Vulpix

Mimikyu-Vulpix (Pokemon) 1/7
Mimikyu-Vulpix (Pokemon) 2/7
Mimikyu-Vulpix (Pokemon) 3/7
Mimikyu-Vulpix (Pokemon) 4/7
Mimikyu-Vulpix (Pokemon) 5/7
Mimikyu-Vulpix (Pokemon) 6/7
Mimikyu-Vulpix (Pokemon) 7/7
Size: ~14" tall (including hair), base diameter ~9" (15" for fully extended tails)
Materials: Minky, faux fur, button eyes, embroidery thread.
Price: $300
Availability: Made to Order
Plushie Details:
Mimikyu is a ghost/fairy type pokemon who tries to be likable by mimicking the appearance of popular pokemon, such as Pikachu. This particular Vulpix design is based on a drawing by a fan artist who has created dozens of Mimikyu inspired designs, and you can view all of their creations here. :) Permission to turn their design into a real life plush was granted just by providing them credit for the original design, so please check out their other works!

Mimikyu-Vulpix is made from minky for a very soft and high quality look, with high quality faux fur for his head tuffs. His eye holes are embroidered by machine for a clean, high quality appearance, and his Vulpix face is made with large plastic buttons and embroidery floss, for a cute but rougher hand-stitched appearance. The base of his body is filled with plastic pellets for a slightly weighted and extra floppy quality, to provide both movement to his base, and support so he does not fall over from the weight of his large Vulpix head.