Shiny Shuckle

Shiny Shuckle (Pokemon) 1/3
Shiny Shuckle (Pokemon) 2/3
Shiny Shuckle (Pokemon) 3/3
Size: 8" tall, shell width 5.5"
Materials: Minky, vinyl eyes, partial plastic pellet filling.
Price: $150
Availability: Made to Order
Plushie Details:
Shuckle is a Generation II pokemon, and resembles a small turtle, having a hard shell and limbs that can be retracted for protection. Typically his shell is red, but this is the rare "shiny" version, and instead has a lovely blue shell.

He is made entirely from minky for a very soft and high quality look. His shell details are meticulously and securely hand stitched in place, and the raised white rims of his holes individually stuffed for optimal shape. His feet are filled with plastic bean pellets for a slightly weighted and extra floppy quality.

Note: If you would like to order a shuckle with a red shell (non-shiny) or periwinkle/purple shell (anime version) I can make that for no additional cost, just let me know your color preference!