Chibi Tyranitar

Chibi Tyranitar (Pokemon) 1/5
Chibi Tyranitar (Pokemon) 2/5
Chibi Tyranitar (Pokemon) 3/5
Chibi Tyranitar (Pokemon) 4/5
Chibi Tyranitar (Pokemon) 5/5
Size: ~10" tall
Materials: Minky, satin (eyes), felt (claws and teeth).
Price: $250
Availability: Made to Order
Plushie Details:
A cute, chibi variation of the usually ferocious pokemon, Tyranitar. Made of minky for a super soft and high quality finish. Eyes are made of smooth satin (with a painted highlight) to stand out against the soft and fuzzy body. Deespite being a chibi design, there are still tons of details and meticulous handstitching on this little guy!