About Fiendle.com

I am Jenny Harris, a freelance artist located in Portland, OR. Since 2010, I have specialize in high quality, often one-of-a-kind custom plush animals and dolls, and costume/cosplay work. All of my creations are handmade, upon request, and Fiendle.com serves to share my previous creations, and document my abilities and general pricing. If you have the desire for some custom art, either a recreation of one of my previous works or a new idea of your own, I would love to work with you and bring your idea to life.

Commission slots for June are open!
To request a personal commission and reserve a spot for this time or later, please email me at jenny@fiendle.com.
If you'd like to order something you see on this site already, rush jobs may be available. Please email me for a time estimate.

Layout Updates
In late 2016, I overhauled and updated my entire website. Some pages/new plushie updates are still being worked on, and will be available as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

Recent Site Update: May 5, 2017.