(Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

Hamsuke (Animal Crossing) 1/7
Hamsuke (Animal Crossing) 2/7
Hamsuke (Animal Crossing) 3/7
Hamsuke (Animal Crossing) 4/7
Hamsuke (Animal Crossing) 5/7
Hamsuke (Animal Crossing) 6/7
Hamsuke (Animal Crossing) 7/7
Size: ~10" tall
Materials: Minky, faux fur and upholstery suede. Painted satin eyes. Sculpted nose
Price: $150
Availability: Made to Order
Plushie Details:
A soft and plump plushie designed after Hamsuke, a male hamster villager from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The plushie is made from minky for a soft, cuddly touch and bubbly look. Filled with high quality stuffing and some bean pellets in the feet to help with balance. His eyes are satin painted, and his nose is sculpted from polymer clay.

Note: Due to his tiny feet, he doesn't actually have enough stability to stay standing on his own without something to lean against.

Note on future commissions: In the future, his eyes will not be painted, and will be fabric applique with embroidered edges. I have also improved my embroidery skills and can make the star look nicer.