(Legend of Korra)

Pabu (Legend of Korra) 1/5
Pabu (Legend of Korra) 2/5
Pabu (Legend of Korra) 3/5
Pabu (Legend of Korra) 4/5
Pabu (Legend of Korra) 5/5
Size: ~24" nose-to-tail (when laying down/flat)
Materials: Minky, teddy bear joints, polymer sculpted nose, beaded eyes.
Price: $175
Availability: Made to Order
Plushie Details:
Pabu, the lovable fire ferret of The Legend of Korra. Made entirely of minky (various fur lengths) for a super soft and high quality finish. His legs are attached with plastic teddy bear joints, so they can be rotated for posing. His nose is hand sculpted from polymer clay, and sealed with a coat of polycrylic for shine. His eyes are round plastic black beads.