Snorlax (Pokemon) 1/6
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Snorlax (Pokemon) 3/6
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Snorlax (Pokemon) 6/6
Size: 14" tall
Materials: Minky, embroidered eyes and mouth, felt claws and teeth
Price: $250
Availability: Made to Order
Plushie Details:
A plushie of Snorlax, a Pokemon that spends his entire life either sleeping or eathing. Despite his lack of activity or socialization, he is a Generation 1 favorite of many!

Snorlax is made entirely from minky for a very soft and high quality look. His claws and teeth are made from felt for maximum cuddling (I can also make them from plastic if you prefer, just let me know!). His eyes and mouth are machine embroidered, as is the border around his paw pads.

This plushie is incredibly rotund, at a 33" circumference around the widest point of his belly, and he took almost 2 lbs of stuffing to fill!