Murfy (Rayman) 1/8
Murfy (Rayman) 2/8
Murfy (Rayman) 3/8
Murfy (Rayman) 4/8
Murfy (Rayman) 5/8
Murfy (Rayman) 6/8
Murfy (Rayman) 7/8
Murfy (Rayman) 8/8
Size: ~17" tall
Materials: Minky, upholstery suede
Price: $250
Availability: Made to Order
Plushie Details:
A plushie of Murfy, the flying friend and helpful guide to Rayman during his many adventures.

This plushie was made with the request to be a soft as possible, so I achieved this by sticking to only minky and synthetic suede fabric. The eyes and teeth are made from synthetic suede, for a smooth yet still super soft and fuzzy touch. The wings are reinforced with Heat n' Bond Ultra to be smooth and flat. The body is filled with high quality stuffing. All of his darker green spots and eye details are meticulously hand-stitched in place.