Ultralisk (StarCrafts) 1/8
Ultralisk (StarCrafts) 2/8
Ultralisk (StarCrafts) 3/8
Ultralisk (StarCrafts) 4/8
Ultralisk (StarCrafts) 5/8
Ultralisk (StarCrafts) 6/8
Ultralisk (StarCrafts) 7/8
Ultralisk (StarCrafts) 8/8
Size: ~12" tall, ~13.5" long
Materials: Minky, plastic button eyes
Price: $250 (2.5" Tiny Terran Marines for an extra $25 each)
Availability: Made to Order
Plushie Details:
A plushie of the Starcraft Ultralisk, based on the derpy and adorable art style of CarbotAnimations, in their Starcrafts animated web series.

The plushie is made from minky for a soft, cuddly touch and bubbly look. Filled with high quality stuffing, he's a perfect plushie for cuddling (just be careful that he doesn't snack on everything in sight)!